5 of My Favorite UX Podcasts

When I began driving to work a little over a year ago, I started listening to UX podcasts for the first time, and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve learned so much about UX, design, collaboration, communication, and beyond. Instead of dreading my 45 minute commute every morning, I look forward to what I’m going to learn on my way to work.

Many folks have asked me to recommend UX podcasts, so here are 5 of my favorites. I listen to at least a dozen podcasts regularly, so it was hard narrowing down the list, but here goes.

1. The Big Web Show

The Big Web ShowThe Big Web Show is hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, whom I got to know a bit from working at Happy Cog. He’s a fascinating guy to talk with, and he’s also a great storyteller. So it’s no wonder that he’s a great interviewer as well.

Jeffrey interviews visual designers, developers, UX designers, entrepreneurs, and more about their past experience as well as their current endeavors.

Sometimes I walk away from an episode feeling like I’ve learned a mini web history lesson. At one point, Jeffrey mentioned Mosaic as the first web browser that supported inline images. That same week, I attended a technology quizzo event, and one of the questions was “What was the first browser to support inline images?” Thanks, Jeffrey!

An Episode to Start With

CSS & JavaScript: Can’t We All Just Get Along? aired very recently. Jeffrey spoke with Nicole Sullivan about running CSS Conf, coming to terms with your own biases, and more.

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2. UIE SpoolCast

Jared Spool's SpoolcastUIE’s Spoolcast (created by Jared Spool, pictured here) contains interviews with leading UX experts on just about every topic you could think of, ranging from content strategy to personas to prototyping. If you’re looking for specific UX topics, check out the archives. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll find something.

An Episode to Start With

While it’s hard to pick just one episode, Dana Chisnell’s Gaining Design Insights from Your Research Recruiting Process is one of my recent favorites.

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3. Let’s Make Mistakes

The Big Web ShowMike Monteiro and Jessie Char co-host Let’s Make Mistakes, a borderline NSFW yet informative podcast on the logistics of our industry. The editorial focus has shifted over time. Older episodes covered themes in Mike’s book, Design is a Job, such as communicating with clients and getting paid on time for your work. Then episodes covered controversial or hot button topics in the industry like the Google bus protests. Finally, they’ve shifted to interviewing people who are doing positive, impactful things throughout the course of their work.

The co-hosts are very opinionated, and I don’t always agree with what they say. But that’s a good thing. I find it stimulating to hear dissenting viewpoints within our industry.

Because it’s so casual, I can listen to this podcast on the drive home even if my brain is fried from a long day of work.

An Episode to Start With

While I’m still a listener, I prefer the episodes that aired prior to summer of 2013. Check out The Right Way to Give Feedback from back in 2012.

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4. UX Podcast

UX PodcastSomehow I didn’t discover UX Podcast until recently. Co-hosts Per Axbom and James Royal-Lawson explore many things UX. My favorite episodes are the “article” episodes, where they provide their opinions on topics addressed by three recent UX articles.

As with Let’s Make Mistakes, I don’t always agree with the opinions given in this podcast, but I appreciate them for sure.

An Episode to Start With

I immensely enjoyed the recent “article” episode James & Per are Delightful.

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5. The Accidental Creative

The Accidental CreativeThe Accidental Creative is not a UX podcast, but the material is very relevant to the UX practice. It’s hosted by Todd Henry who wrote a book by the same name, The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice.

This podcast explores a myriad of ways to infuse creative problem-solving into your daily practice. The episodes are short and to-the-point.

An Episode to Start With

Check out Setting Artificial Limits, which talks about setting boundaries and constraints to help you be more creative.

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  1. Mary Ann Geier says

    I’m with you on driving with podcasts. Even housekeeping chores go down better with podcasts. Aren’t Bluetooth speakers wonderful? I’m off to create my personalized UX radio feed now.

    Thank you, Jess!

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